Sunday, May 4, 2014

Almost looks like a nice place to live!

It is getting close now!  This week the counter tops went in, as did appliances, trim work, and a lot of landscaping work.  They still have to finish the back yard, but the front is looking 99% done!

Something that we really liked was the fact that our PM knows that we want to add a parking pad on the left side of the driveway.  Without us even asking him to, he took it upon himself to make sure they graded the yard accordingly, so that when we do want to add that parking pad, it will already be properly graded.  He also, without having to be asked, moved that tree on the left a little further over to make room for the parking pad.  It's things like this that show what a pro this guy really is.  Another thing I'm happy with, is the fact that they set up sprinklers and timers to water the sod.  Our PM then told me that we will get to keep them once we move in, so as to keep the sod properly watered.  One less thing I'll have to buy!  :)

Here are some pictures of the outside...

Back yard...obviously not done yet.

So those are the only pictures I have of the outside, but inside the house there are even more goodies.  The fireplace is looking great, and they have added the light fixtures, door hardware, and sink fixtures.  The counter tops look great, and so do the appliances!  One thing that I had noticed earlier, was that the archway that is supposed to go between the living room/foyer into the office/guest room area was not there.  They had squared off where the archway was supposed to go.  A quick email to our PM, and now it's fixed!  Here are some pics....
Dining room

Love this stonework!


Master bathroom

Upstairs hallway

Laundry sink is in

Here's the HVAC closet on the 2nd floor.  We actually get a little more storage in it than non-attic models, since some of the HVAC stuff is in the attic.  I like that they put in a heavy solid core door on this closet.  Hopefully that will help with the noise.

Master bedroom

Play room

Alcove in the play room

Here's the archway!
Okay that's it for now. They also put all the shelving in the closets, which I forgot to photograph.  I'll do that next time.  We're really getting excited now.  Only a little over 2 weeks until we close!  I'll try to update again next week.


  1. Not sure why there's a huge close-up of the faucet mixed in there...tried to edit it out, and it doesn't even show up in the draft. :I Oh well...

  2. Your fireplace stone selection is breath taking!!!

  3. Love your elevation and siding so much! I wish Ryan pushed nicer exterior finishes in Buffalo. The plain, standard vinyl does the houses no favors. This looks amazing!

  4. Happy for you! You are going to love the Verona! We have the same fireplace also. But I am so jello of your double ovens!