Sunday, March 2, 2014

It has begun!

Okay, things are finally moving along.  This past Thursday (4 days ago) we had our pre-construction meeting with the senior project manager.  We were very happy with him, as he seems to really know his stuff, and so far at least, seems to be a nice enough guy.  But the best part of the meeting was at the end when we went out to walk the lot.  To our great excitement, we found that they had already started grading and digging!

Here's our driveway

We got to walk the lot with the PM, who explained how everything was going to be graded and everything.  We actually love our lot even more now that we can get a better feel for how its going to be.  But the best part?  The PM told us that due to the way the lot is, they're going to have to set our house up a couple feet.  What that means to us is, even though its on a slab, its going to look as if its on a crawl space, and we will have a couple steps leading up to the porch.  May not be a big deal to y'all, but that just made our day!
My beautiful wife and I with the PM

One of the rare times you will catch my wife smiling while outdoors!

So then today we decided to go back out and see if any more progress has been made.  Not much, other than they have poured concrete into the trenches they dug out.  Here's some pics of that.

The girls had fun too!

So that's about it for now.  Feels good to have things under way.  Okay people, you know the drill.  Stay classy.

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