Monday, January 6, 2014

Phone tag…apparently I'm always "it"

I'll keep this one short because I don't have a whole lot to report…today in the morning we met with our loan officer at NVR. Hope to hear back soon that we've been pre-approved. Then we swung by the model and changed our exterior colors to the green. I don't have the exact name of the green, but I'll probably do a post dedicated to all our choices at some point.

But the thing that's got me slightly irritated already, is the fact that I've been playing phone tag with both Guardian and Right Rug (RR). It shouldn't take an act of congress to schedule an appointment, but I'm starting to wonder what the heck is going on…I missed RR's call on Friday, and called back in the afternoon. Got voicemail, left a message, no call back on Friday. Guardian called me on Friday also, but I told her I just needed to check my schedule real quick and then I'd call her right back. I called back in less than 5 minutes, but got voicemail. Left a message for her, but no call back. Fast forward to today (monday), and I've called Guardian 3 times today, voicemail on all 3, no call back. I called RR, got voicemail, left another message. Then RR calls while we are meeting with the loan officer, so I couldn't take the call. I called them back and was told the scheduler was away from her desk, but she'd call me right back. Finally, about a half hour later I got the call from RR. We set up an appointment for later this week, and she said she'd email me directions and confirmation. Well I get the email, but it's addressed to another person whose last name is nowhere near mine, and there is a misspelling in the lady's signature block! WTF??? Check it out below...

xxxx Distribution Stretet
Charlotte NC 28269

I'm really not such a spelling snob, hell, I'm sure there are plenty of spelling and/or grammatical errors in my writing. But on your SIGNATURE BLOCK???? For a BUSINESS????? Come on, that's just sloppy. Makes me wonder, if you're sloppy enough to have a misspelling on your signature block that's been at the bottom of God knows how many emails, how do I know your other work will be any better? How do I know your company will pay attention to detail when flooring my house, if apparently no one over there has noticed the misspelling in the signature block of one of their employees? Especially when this employee is the very first person from that company that I've had any contact with, and thus is influencing my entire opinion of the company? I tell ya, I'm not feeling good about this…Oh, and by the way? It's not even Distribution Street--it's Drive.

But honestly, we're not going to keep the flooring anyway. We plan on going with the very cheapest options, because we're going to upgrade the flooring ourselves afterwards for WAAAAAY cheaper, and higher quality also.

Okay, sorry for the rant, but I get irritated when a business doesn't seem to have their stuff together, especially when I have no choice but to deal with that business. Okay people, that's all for now. Stay classy!

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